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*Covid-19 Update from us at Fire & Slice*:

We understand everyone is feeling some sort of impact from this current pandemic, it has certainly had a major impact on the food service industry. Due to the virus & various difficulties that have come with it, we have decided to close/shut down for a couple weeks, beginning May 10th. Here at Fire & Slice we have always purchased specific cuts of high quality meats from different sources throughout the country & unfortunately with various meat plants shutting down it has become more and more difficult to obtain the meats/products we sought out to cook in the restaurant & serve to you all. With such inconsistencies we would rather close down temporarily while things recover than offer an extremely limited menu. Not to worry! We WILL be back - we will reopen when the meat market recuperates and we can provide food to our customers on a more reliable & consistent basis (hopefully around June 1st). We know this is disppointing news but the most important thing right now is that we all continue to fight through these times together & stay safe. We can not thank you all for the endless support throughout this pandemic, especially this week after we had come to such a hard decision. Thank you & we will see you all soon!!! Stay tuned here and on facebook & instagram for updates

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